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Record up to 1953


      Rajasthan State Archives enjoys a special position amongst the various Archives of the country primarily on account of the indigenous character of its holdings. The present State Archive is a successive body of the various General Record Offices and similar record agencies of the former states of Rajasthan. The State Archives was set-up as early as 1955 having branch offices in all the former covenanting States of Rajasthan including the one in the former Chief Commissioner’s province of Ajmer-Merwara. In the following years as matter of administrative convenience, it was decided that the Archives Department should take care of only of pre 1900.

     A.D. records known as Deposited records; while the semi-current records should remain under the administrative control of the State Secretariat, but this department took the stand that it would amount to an un-natural bifurcation of the record series because a change of nomenclature, an increasing state activity or the creation of some new departments, or some having been amalgamated into other for administrative convenience, did not make out a case for this bifurcation of records.





  • Famous for its valuable and huge record holding

  • One of the best and renowned archives of the world

  • Scientifically preserved documents from Mughal period to current period’s 30 yrs.old historical records

  • Rich treasure for Indian and Foreign research scholars

  • Appropriate venue for exhibition/Seminars.



Glorious Achievements
  • Acquisition, Collection and preservation of historical record material.

  • Preservation & Maintenance of records by latest scientific technology

  • To make the record available to Research Scholars. Administrative-Departments, Judiciary and Public as per their requirements.

  • 75000 Land Grant records from 1914 to 1954 digitized.

  • Digitization of 83000 Land Grant records at the verge of completion

  • Digitization of 1.25 Crore Historical documents started through RAJCOMP.

  • Proposed Digitization of 1.25 Crore historical documents in year 2008-09

  • Released CD of reminiscences of Freedom Fighters.
  • Establishment of Air Conditioned Computer cell with 12 Computers and other allied accessories.

  • Renovation of Research Section

  • Preparation/framing of departmental website.

  • A sum of Rs 15.63 lac received from MLA Quota for the Digitization and purchase of computer hardware.