All Archival record can be access through ReAMS Portal. Links is given below...


ReAMS ( a centralized repository where all State departments can upload, store and retrieve their digitized documents through the portal. State Government departments (RSAD (Rajasthan State Archives)) can catalog their collections/digitized documents or can add their already cataloged collections to the project database, enabling their collections to be accessible to the public and department users on the ReAMS. This platform helps the department to preserve their valuable documents in the digitized form which increase the longevity of the document. 


Rajasthan E Archival Management System

• Common interface to all departments for preservation and accessibility of digitized documents

• Students, Researchers, Scholars, Historian, Linguistic and Citizens to access the digitized content of State government

• Centralized availability of information

• Long term archival of digitized records

• Increase control over all the important digitized documents by providing role based access

• Work flow based approval mechanism for uploading of documents

• Reduction in direct interaction of citizen with the government and encourage ‘e’-interaction through application